Lactation appointment – Home visit :

At your appointment I will obtain a detailed history of your breastfeeding, and address any areas of concern you may have.

Your baby will be weighed before and after your feed to assess the volume of milk taken at that particular feed. For this to be optimal, I will schedule the appointment around your baby’s feeding time.

During your feed I will help you towards a more comfortable and enjoyable experience, by discussing improvements that can be made. We can then implement a breastfeeding plan.

Following your appointment, you may like to contact me with an update of your progress where we can then make changes to your plan if necessary, or book a follow up appointment.

Common feeding concerns are:

  • Nipple Trauma
  • Latch Difficulties
  • Poor Weight Gain
  • Reflux / Colic
  • Supply Issues
  • Mastitis
  • Blocked Ducts


  • Initial consultation            $200     ( up to 90 minutes )
  • Follow up  consultation   $ 180

Rebates available through some health funds.



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